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Kyosho Parts: New Arrivals November 2011

The following new parts have just arrived!

616162 BullDog Clear Body for RB5

612166 1:10 Off-Road Wings for Buggy (2)

612213M3 Scrubs 2.2" 4WD M3 (Soft) Off-Road Buggy Front

612224M3 Suburbs 2.2" 4WD M3 Buggy Front Tire

612224M3C/b> Suburbs 2.2" 4WD MC Buggy Front Tire

612225M3 Caliber 2.2" 4WD M3 (Soft) Off-Road Buggy Front

612225M4 Caliber 2.2" 4WD M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road Buggy Front

612226MC Scrubs 2.2" 4WD MC Clay Off-Road Buggy Front

612239M4 Caliber 2.2" 4WD M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road Buggy Rear

612240M3 Suburbs 2.0 2.2" M3 (Soft) Off-Road Buggy Rear

74023-02 Head Gasket (GX21)

74025-14 Starter Holder (GXR28)

92921GM Servo Saver Tube Spring Gunmetal

DL111 Sail Set (Sea Dolphin 770 II)

IF213KG Colour Nylon Wing (F-Green/BSW71KG)

IF225 Side Guard (L,R/IF11)

IF235BK Main Chassis (52S/Black/MP7.5/Inferno)

IF462H 5.8mm Flanged Hard Ball MP9 (2)

IF505-13 Pinion Gear (13T/VE)

IH306 Small Parts Set (B/Mini Inferno)

IS004B Body Mount (Inferno ST)

IS113 Wing Mount (Neo ST Race Spec ST-RR)

IS115 Mud Guard (Neo ST Race Spec ST-RR)

LA216HB Carbon Composite Front Shock Stay (ZX-5)

LA251S Blast Wing (S/ZX-5/RB5

LA265GM Motor Mount (Gunmetal/ZX-5 FS)

LA269GM Centre Shaft (S/Gunmetal/ZX-5 FS)

LA265GM Centre Shaft (L/Gunmetal/ZX-5 FS)

LAW30GM Cramp Wheel Hub (45/Gunmetal)

LAW31GM SP Al Front Suspension Holder D (Gunmetal ZX-5 FS2)

LAW36GM Al Rear Suspension Holder (RF/Gunmetal ZX-5 FS2)

LAW37GM Al Front Suspension Holder (RR/Gunmetal ZX-5 FS2)

LAW41GM Al Battery Post Set (Gunmetal ZX-5 FS2)

LAW43 NCG Suspension Arm Set (Gunmetal/ZX-5 FS)

MB013 Oil Shock Set

MBH002W Wheel Set (Lazer)

MBT002F Tire (FR/Lazer) (2)

MBT002R Tire (RR/Lazer) (2)

MZ6BK-07 Pinion Gear Set 7T (3)

MZ6BK-08 Pinion Gear Set 8T (3)

ORI28237 Vortex VST Pro Stock 21.5

ORI65150 Digital Setting Box R (for R Series Controllers)

R246-8341 SC-12OR ESC with Sensor Fan

R246-8342 Program Card for SC-120R

UM520S Short Rear Shock Stay (RB5)

UM525B Front Shock Stay (RB5)

UM566 Middle Suspension Arm Set (RB5 SP2 WC)

UM567 Front Suspension Mount (Type-C)

UM568GM SP Front Hinge Pin Brace (Gunmetal)

UM569 Steel Axle Shaft (RB5) (2)

UM572 Slipper Spring Set (RB5)

UM511GM Aluminium Rear Suspension Holder (RF/Gunmetal)

VZ434 Rear Spring Shaft (R4/L=56mm) (2)

W5303GM WC Triple Cap Thread Big Bore Shock

W5304GM WC Triple Cap Thread Big Bore Shock

W6065-29 Pinion Gear (29T-48P)

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