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Kyosho Parts: New Arrivals November 2012

The following parts have now arrived!

EZW004 PBR Oil Shok Set L=38 (Sand Master)

EZW005 HRT Oil Shok Set L=38 (EZ Series)

EZW011 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink

IF461H 6.8mm Flanged Hard Ball 2pc (MP9)

IF479 Receiver Box Set (MP9 TK13)

IF469-01 Air Cleaner Sponge 2pc (MP9)

IF471 Threaded Big Shock Set (S MP9 TK12)

IFW156GM Hard Front Shock Stay Gunmetal (ST-RR Evo)

IFW157GM Hard Rear Shock Stay Gunmetal (ST-RR Evo)

IFW158GM Centre Diff Plate Gunmetal (ST-RR Evo)

IFW328GM Hard Front Shock Stay Gunmetal (ST-RR Evo)

IFW337GM Wheel Hub - L Gunmetal (ST-RR Evo)

IFW430 HD Front C-Universal Shaft (L=84)

IFW431 HD Front C-Universal Shaft (L=110)

MBW018G Aluminium Front Hub Carrier (Gold)

MBW027R Setting Steering Plate Set (Red)

MCW001 Guide Roller with Ball Bearing

R246-1021 Ball Differential Grease

R246-8461 Li-Po 7.4V 2200mAh

R246-8462 Li-Po 7.4V 3000mAh

R246-8463 Li-Po 7.4V 4000mAh

TR408 Bevel Gear Set (11T/43T) DMT-VE

UMW511GM Aluminium Rear Suspension Holder - Gunmetal (RF)

XGS152 Drive Joint Grease (3g)

XGS153 Ball Diff. Grease (3g)

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